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Ducommun is a leading global supplier of resolvers, motors and actuators for valued customers in the Aerospace, Defense, Space and Upstream Oil Exploration markets. From deep below the earth's surface to the far reaches of space, our Motion Control Devices perform in extreme operating conditions and environments, where precision and reliability are essential.


Our technological heritage in Motion Control Devices began in 1948 with the design, manufacturing and introduction of our first MCD products. Today, we build MCD solutions used in a range of modern Military, Space and industrial applications and programs, including downhole oil exploration tools, shipboard systems, submarines, data tracking and relay satellites, and space exploration launch vehicles.


  • Space Exploration Vehicles
  • Satellites - GEO & LEO
  • Launch Vehicles
  • Oil Exploration
  • Downhole Drilling
  • Submarines
  • Commercial & Military Aerospace
  • Ground Vehicles
  • Missile Systems
  • Custom Solutions





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