Structural Systems

Spoilers in bonding area
Ducommun has many different capabilities that allow it to build complex bonded assemblies that may include machined metal parts, complex cores, and composite or metal skins. In addition to fabrication, Ducommun has complete in-house engineering, testing and tool design capabilities to support bonded assemblies. Our experience in bonded structures spans many decades and includes parts on military and commercial aircraft.

There are times when a bonded structure shouldn't be a bonded structure. Many assemblies can benefit from our innovative VersaCore Composite™ processes. An important element of these patented technologies is design-for-integration. The VersaCore Composite™ system results in lower part count and fewer manufacturing labor hours. When compared to conventional designs such as a bolted or secondarily bonded wing, for example, a VersaCore Composite™ design relies on structural foam cores that provide integrity and support primary load path among

Parts for JASSM and engine strake for the C-17
integral fiber reinforced components. Fewer parts and the elimination of secondary bonding or mechanical fastening results in fewer touch labor hours as well as fewer subcomponent parts to manufacture and inventory.


VersaCore Composite™ is a trademark of Ducommun Incorporated.

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