Millimeterwave Subsystems

Ducommun millimeterwave subsystem products include standard and custom-built modules or sub-assemblies.

Our self-contained, in-house components design and fabrication capacities ensure the breadth of sub-assemblies offered from rapid prototyping and proof of concept to full production. Ducommun has produced many high performance millimeterwave band sub-assemblies for commercial and military system applications. Among them, the K and Ka band directional Doppler Radar front ends are in production. Several hundreds of sets have been delivered. In addition, Ducommun has delivered Ka through W band engineering prototypes for plasma detection system, automotive Radar, speed Radar, automatic test set, radio telescope, missile terminal guidance, telecommunication system etc. applications.

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SRF - Doppler Sensor Heads
SSA - Radar Target Simulators
SMD - Motion Detector Modules
SRR - Ranging Sensor Heads
SFE - Frequency Extenders
SSS - Sub-assemblies
SNA - Scalar Network Analyzer Extenders
SRU - Doppler Ranging Sensor Heads  
SNG - Noise Figure and Gain Test Set

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