The Ducommun Supply Chain Team

Ducommun's Supply Chain Management team works with the company’s global supply base to ensure the highest level of performance in:
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Delivery
  • Service

In addition to Ducommun’s centralized supply chain and commodity management leadership, our team includes local supply chain professionals at our business sites around the world to ensure a regional operational focus while also maximizing the benefits of a one Ducommun approach. Local supply chain professionals address the acquisition of products and services from outside sources through strategic commodity management, negotiations, contracting, order administration, quality assurance and transportation.

Local team members ensure that the needs of our customers, as reflected in operational requirements, remain front and center in the day-to-day goals of the supply chain management team. They also provide for the development and management of close supplier relationships in strategic geographical locations. Team members with Ducommun-wide responsibilities lead and facilitate teamwork across our sites providing for the implementation of global strategic sourcing and sharing of best practices.

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